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How do Classes work?

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The way I teach:


We work on your journey together. There are a couple of approaches and you can choose: 

  • You know what design aesthetic you have and you want to get to it right away.

  • You want to learn traditionally with all the steps that a college might teach.

My goal is to help you achieve your goals and to enjoy the process.  


Class Costs


Group classes start at $100 for 3 hours - $40/hr for each hour over

Private classes $50hr


You can either bring metal and stones with you or buy them from me at my cost.

Note: not all stones are appropriate to start beginner classes with so please check with me if there is something you want to bring. 

What is covered as part of the fee

  • Studio costs

  • Flame

  • Solder (unless it is gold)

  • Saw blades

  • Flux

  • Practice copper and brass

  • Pickel,

  • Use of all the Tools

Working in 18K Gold and Sterling Silver in this video, it is best to use a #4 cut Barette needle file to be sure not to scratch the stone while filing the prongs. 

Tip: Filing Prongs

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