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Jewelry Sketches

Are you sometimes stuck when trying to design? Do you struggle with day to day inspiration?

I often hear variations of this sentiment from artists: There are moments, akin to writer's block when it's challenging to face a blank jewelry workbench. Other times, you have a clear vision but struggle to translate it into something unique. My passion lies in sharing knowledge and supporting artists and students. Transitioning from my tech-focused background, I find joy in aiding the artistic community, nurturing a natural evolution of my role as an information sharer.

With this subscription, you'll have the opportunity to spend 30-50 minutes with an artist or jewelry instructor. Each session will be recorded and made accessible to subscribers indefinitely. Visual aids will enhance the learning experience, drawing from the expertise of our diverse contributors, who will share insights on their creative process, methods of teaching, and where to find their work. We encourage you to connect with those who resonate with your approach, guiding you to think outside the box and refine your design process. Ultimately, this journey may lead you to discover the style that best aligns with your artistic vision.

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